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Elite Competition Team 

       ADMA Elite Competition Team is a performance group, broken up into multiple teams to offer performances for every age and skill level.  It offers the opportunity for the serious dance student who loves the art of dance, to progress at an accelerated pace. 

       Taking part in the team will offer performance opportunities, Master Classes, prepare students for competition and give them exposure to a wide variety of dance disciplines.  As students progress, they will perform at community events, dance festivals, competitions and have increased performance time. 


All teams are required to take Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Elite Dance and an extra class of students choice. We offer multiple styles of dance (Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary) and Acro/Gymnastics to choose from.


Dancers as young as 4 can join our Rose Elite Competition Team!  This introductory team requires minimal commitment, just 2 classes per week!  Please call, email or stop by the studio for more information. 


Meet The Team
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