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ADMA Gymnastics Team

        The ADMA Gymnastics team offers the opportunity for the serious Gymnastics student to develop their skills at an accelerated pace, build not just strength and flexibility, but also confidence and self-esteem and to make friendships that will last a lifetime! 

       Members of the ADMA Gymnastics Team compete in three to four local USA Gymnastics or AAU sanctioned meets each year.  These vary but are typically held in the late fall and early winter months.      



Students are required to take 3 hours of class per week (ages 7 and under) which includes a Gymnastics Team Class (2 hours) and an additional Gymnastics Class (1 hour). Students ages 8 and older are required to take 4-5 hours of class per week depending on level. This includes a Gymnastics Team Class (2-3 hours based on level), an additional Gymnastics Class (1 hour) and an Acro-Tumbling Class (1 hour).

Please email the studio for more information. 

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