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Q: Can I try a class before signing up?

A: All monthly classes can be tried before registering. Online registration is required prior to all classes, including trial classes.  Please review the confirmation email for details regarding class dress code and requirements.

Q: Are there any Contracts I must sign or Commitments that are Required?

A: No, There are no contracts, and commitments are month-to-month.

Q: Is there a recital, and do I have to Participate?

A: Yes, there is a year end-recital and a Winter Showcase.  Participation is not required but is strongly encouraged!

Q: What kind of Information Can I get Through the Customer Portal?

A: The online portal allows you to see all of the classes available, studio events, and your account billing information. You can make changes to your electronic payment method as well as pay your bill online.

Q: What happens if I need additional help?

A: You can email our office staff at or call/text anytime at 440-387-8258.

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