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Physically – Through the disciplines of Dance and Gymnastics we build and strengthen the major principles of movement including Balance, Coordination, and Timing with special emphasis on Strength, Power, Reflex & Reactions, and Flexibility.  Skills that help our students exceed in all athletics; improving health and peace-of-mind.

Mentally – Central to our belief is the creation of a Strong, Fast, and Supple mind as well as body.  We challenge our students to improve their focus, attention span, and sharpen their wits; leading to the enhancement of some of the most important skills carried through life.  Skills like creative problem solving, strong sense of organization, and decisiveness when faced with adversity.

Spirit - ADMA students learn that their hard work and perseverance will overcome just about anything.  Our teaching stresses these qualities in in of our students. “Courage, Tenacity, Quick Wits, and a Good Heart are the mainstay of a virtuous and honorable man.”

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